Phill Clinton

Introducing Phill Clinton

Phill Clinton is a 19 year old UK bass/Dubstep producer from Cambridgeshire, he first started producing when he was 15 . Prompted by his school tutor, Phill quickly started experimenting with the Dubstep sound he already knew and loved starting out as “Malpakot” but then Changing his name to “Phill\\Clinton” early 2014. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Coki, Skream, Benga, Gorillaz, XXYYXX just to name a few. His varied taste is the driving force behind the new-wave dubstep sound he creates.

To date Phill has independently ┬áreleased one EP “Effed Up Sense” with another one on it’s way.

We’re pleased to showcase his latest work – Dem Watermelon Slices