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GOYKO – Rekt – 140 Ninja Free Download

GOYKO (Jorge Goyco) is a prolific producer from College Station, Texas, producing Deep, Dark Dubstep, Moombahton, and experimenting with all sorts of other genres.

Partnering with 140Ninja for an EP release is an amazing opportunity, jumping across the Atlantic from Texas, where he’s been releasing Dubstep, Moombahton and Trap on G&D Records out of Dallas, Texas.

GOYKO has been extensively producing a vast variety of genres since 1997, starting with Funky Breaks, and Trance then moving on to Hard House, Drum and Bass, Trip Hop and many others (some embarrassingly, some successfully).

For the past few years, he’s been honing his skills in the vein of Moombahton and Deep Dark Dubstep, learning, consuming and developing all he can on mixing, mastering and sound design.

Jorge DJed all over the country in the late 90s and early 2000s, and has recently picked it back up, as a way to present his music to the unsuspecting public, and incorporates psychedelic animation and live art creation during his DJing performances.

The EP releasing on 140Ninja (called Rekt) has been carefully crafted and tweaked to attempt to be on par with the amazing talent and superb releases on the label.


Alive”, “Wish” and “Just Fantasy” are heavy hitters, with huge, booming stabs, sure to distract. “Golden Goat” is a creeper, with a high percent change to mesmerize and lock listeners in. ”Wreck” is a banger, building upon itself, and utilizing the spitting skills of a local rapper, who just happens to be Published many times over, has a Ph.D., and is a Sociology Professor at A&M University.

Jorge says: “Big Up! To 140Ninja for allowing me the opportunity to have a release with them, It’s a huge opportunity, and I am very much appreciative of your stamp of approval.” (

Ruben Silva, DJ, Producer and Owner of G&D Records says, “I love how GOYKO’s music can have hidden elements that you didn’t hear the first time but when you listen carefully again it surprises you with new sounds. You can never predict where he is going with his music. There is always the element of surprise with GOYKO.” (

Raggafarian, renown Ragga Junglist says, “GOYKO’s music stands up to any reputable label in the genre.” (

Ginger Shinobi, Global DJ, Producer and Label Owner says, “GOYKO’s music is Creative, edgy and beautifully noisy.” (

Joey Davis, Producer (Faith Massive, Yoshida), Label Owner (Devout Artist Recording Group) says, “Connecting the dots between Dubstep, Trap and Moombah, GOYKO’s sound does not disappoint. His vibe is an amalgamation of punchy fine grained beats and fluid dynamic sound. Truly a producer like no other.” (

Jeremy Dawson, DJ, Producer, (MXMS, Shiny Toy Guns) says, ““GOYKO has been producing Electronic Music since the late 90s, and I can tell you, he’s come a long way. Worth a listen.”” (