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A Journey Into bass with OWTLAW!

Track Review

First off let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this track from newcomer OWTLAW, well formatted tune with solid arrangement.
Let’s start with the intro, I really like the  texture of the droning synths in the intro it really gives way to the feeling of traveling to the great unknown, The vocal sample adds to this feel set the perfect tone for the drop.
The drop is more spacey/ wide but still has that hard hitting mid-range bass-lines and  banging drums that will keep your head bopping as well as  your mates skanking, I really like how this track is the best of both worlds in the way that this will please the hard hitting dubstep fan and the deep heads it’s a perfect blend of both.
In summation  this is one release you don’t want to sleep on, I recommend DJ’s add this to your set list!

Getting to know  OWTLAW:

1) Where did your name come from and how did you get started with music/production?

My name kind of came to me pretty unexpectedly, before I was just intending to use my actual name, but it just so happened I was wearing a T-Shirt that had the word OUTLAW on it. So I thought I’d spell it differently just to seem more e d g y.
I started with music production on my 15th birthday, which was back in 2013, I asked my parents for an M-Audio Trigger Finger and I found a torrent for Ableton, only for it to take me 6 months to realise how to open the piano roll… Once 2014 rolled around I started taking it a lot more seriously, to the point where in mid-2016 I’ve been able to make music that I’d be more than proud to release and share to others.

2) Who are your main inspirations, one that sticks out to me would be Cookie Monsta am I right in thinking that?

Cookie Monsta is definitely one of them, he’s more or less a hometown hero for me. I’ve gotten inspiration from a wide amount of artists, Skrillex being one of them obviously, as well as Eptic, Must Die!, Zomboy and Getter. I would list all the artists I’ve been inspired by but we’d be here all day haha.

3) What are your main goals big and small time within music and the dubstep scene?

In the long run, I want to be able to be financially stable on music releases and by playing shows, as well as becoming a notable face within the dubstep scene. With regards to small time goals, I want to be confident in trying to produce other genres, mainly because I don’t want my project to enter a stale state very quickly.

4) Tell us something unexpected about OWTLAW?

I DJ without the sync button.

5) What do you think/feel about how the scene is at this point in time (2016) and what notable releases you listening to?

At the moment I feel like the scene is slowly rising past what it was a few years back, there’s a hell of a lot of artists coming out of the woodwork that are changing the sound design game so drastically and it’s prompted me to step my game up with regards to my sound design and Mix-downs. The releases I’ve been listening to quite recently have been mind blowing, Never Say Die’s new Black Label album is amazing, as well as Bukez Finezt’s new album too. Overall I think it’s been a great year for Dubstep and I imagine it’s going to get better for 2017.

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