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Dedicut & Poly – Esther Turquoise [140 Ninja Free Download]

Enter Dedicut, a 27 year old producer from the East Midlands, bringing his own brand of bass orientated madness to the scene. Stepping up with the tune Turquoise he made in collaboration with Poly-Esther which features sparkling airy electric highs and a low, dark call and response between the sub and the mid range. The drums and percussive elements work together in a seamless manner that on the whole make a dark and deep tune that has great movement and weight to it, but still allows space and atmosphere that sets a great scene for the listener.

Q. So what got you into music production?

Around the time I started producing, people  were putting out questionable stuff that evolved into what I thought was too stompy and didn’t make sense melodically at all. Before it took that route I discovered Skream, who I proper rated. His tunes inspired me a lot, I listened to him religiously. It wasn’t long before I saw it around he’d said the scene was dead and at the time I’d been messing around on apps making simple tunes. I didn’t know about the other places it was growing, for example, the States and the Canadian scene which my partner (Poly-Esther) is involved in. I found myself back cataloguing and looking for older stuff rather than looking for new material, stuff like Loefah’s Horror Show and Digital Mystikz’ Haunted, I feel like I got stuck in a cave thinking, ‘that’s it there’s no dubstep anymore.’ I just thought I’d dedicate myself to continuing it. So, almost a year ago I invested in a full DAW and carried on.

Q. What was the first tune you knew you had to get?

Burning Up – Skream, 2008. That was the first one I got that vibe from.

Q. How did you get your name?

Actually that ties into the first question, I thought I’d twist that dedication I felt to the music into my name and settled on Dedicut.

Q. Is there anyone in the scene that inspires you?

I’m a big fan of Pushloop at the moment his stuff is great. Mainly Arkwright though, his tunes are always different and I love the ‘doing my own thing,’ vibe I get from his production.

Q. If you were stuck on an island and you could only have 3 tunes with you, what would they be?

Ah mate haha that’s a good question! Well the first one would be my favourite tune of all time which will never change which is, Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the flow that one would have to come. Next one would be Skream – Junkyard Dispute, off of Skreamizm 7. The last track and the last dubstep tune he put out before he stopped releasing dubstep I think. Lastly I would have to take Aphex Twin – Nannou!

Q. So where might we see Dedicut in a years time then?

Well its gone from just sending music to my partner and it being something I enjoyed doing for her to sending it to other people, recently getting some good feedback and also feeling myself progress. To be honest I just want to be heard that’s all, I’m doing it because I love music.

Q. What about the scene in general how do you see it progressing?

I feel like what’s coming about at the minute people are trying too hard, I don’t mean it in a derogatory way, I just think people need to get that don’t give a fuck attitude and just make what they like rather than trying to compare to others so I think it will stay pretty similar to how it is until that happens.

Q. What’s going on in your Area or nearby?

There’s a lot of stuff going on! I went to nights with Poly-Esther over in Canada which give me more of a sense with following music. I started looking for labels in the East Midlands and down south through that way. She has a mix up with you guys and she djs for Subtle FM so that got me talking to people. I know there’s a label called Canopus records in Nottingham , they’re awesome and get themselves around. As well as, Pond Life also Nottingham based.

Q. Apart from smashing out beats, what other hobbies do you have?

I like to keep fit so running, swimming things like that really. To be honest I’m winding down at the moment as I’m moving out to Canada soon!

A humble producer who respects his roots and the music, Dedicut promises much to come in the future.