Matieu is a DJ and Producer from Germany who had his first taste of Dubstep back in 2006. He became a big fan of the genre and turned his hand to production in 2012.

At the beginning of 2013 he joined the digital label Dubtribu Records and released his first EP “Battery Farm”. He has gained much support from artists like Distance (featured on Chestcast), DyAD, Arkwright, Korrupt & Justify (FKOF), Shu & Ziplokk just to name a few.

At the same time he started playing shows with his mate KurtRocSkee and had the honour to perform alongside Dubstep pioneers like Darkside (GetDarker), Walsh (Biscuit Factory Records) and Benny Ill (Horsepower Productions).

2014 Matieu and KurtRocSkee joined the Bassport FM family, where they running a show every third Wednesday of the month (7pm-9pm/20.00-22.00Uhr).

Now he has joined us on 140 Ninja and is currently working on new material, so watch out.