Holland based Sirius started life in 2012 when two friends, Joost and Mous, started producing and DJing the 140 BPM sound. They have been active in the music scene for (way) more than a decade now, Mous as a bass player and Joost as a drummer in various bands. The past years they developed a firm love and passion for deep Dubstep.

Especially the underground, dark, minimal and deep Dubstep sound spectrum awakens their senses and this is the sound they are constantly searching for, either in their productions as well as in their shows and mixes. They are always extremely motivated and passionate to look for the exciting things happening in the scene and are very inspired by it all. They aim to bring a diverse, dark and deep sound to the constantly evolving landscape bass music.

Sirius has a monthly radioshow on The show is called ‘Blue Hound Vibes’ and is aired every 2nd Wednesday of the Month 8pm – 9pm (UK) and 9pm – 10pm NL (CET). It is a very good representation of the tunes they love and the sound they want to achieve. They present to you a deep, dark and underground hour full of minimal Dubstep. They mix classics of the genre with tunes that are just released and add a fair amount of dubs. Off course their own music is exclusively aired here first!

Their productions are received well within the scene and by now, Sirius’ music has been represented in many livesets, radio shows and mixes. Recently they released their tune ‘Gone Beyond’ on 140 NINJA’s compilation ‘Dark Daze Vol 1’. They are also represented with their music on Dubtribu Records’ compilation ‘Deep Dub Inside 2015’.

In 2016 Sirius will continue to build their name in the ever-evolving world of bass music with more shows, more new music, big collaborations, sick dubs and exciting releases. Keep yourself updated about this all and get connected! You can find our social media pages here:






Support from: Distance, AxH, Dubbacle, VGB, ARtroniks, Fill Spectre, Korrupt/FKOF, Maekha, Dubtribu Records, Samba, Hebbe, NoSa, Bassport FM, 140 Ninja, KurtRocSkee, Matieu, Sparkup, Headland, Daboo, Duffer, GURUZ, DJ Doppelgenger, DJ Buster, Basspaths, Organik, DJ Variant, Leeroy

With their efforts they want to take you on a road, a meditative road.